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Naziv lokacije:  Park Palić
Katastarska opština:  Subotica

Veličina zemljišta i objekata: 

Ukupna površina zemljišta (m²):  7130000
Ukupna površina objekata (m²):  0

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The tourist complex Palic is located in the north of Vojvodina, and the settlement south of Palic. From the town of Subotica is situated about 7 km in southeastern direction. Subotica is the international transit E-75, in whose vicinity there are two border crossings with Hungary (Horgos and Kelebia). In terms of geomorphological character of the area is flat and it covers a large part of the plateau with an average height of 20 meters. For these conditions, this area has a special agricultural importance. Climatological characteristics of the area has a continental climate (open to the Pannonian Plain) with cold winters and hot summers and an average annual temperature of 10.7 oC. Palic has historically formed the 1845th as a resort and spa baths and established itself as a fashionable resort. The main legacy of years of history Palic is large park with a unique environment characterized by preserved green surfaces (park - forest) and specific architecture of Art Nouveau. Nature Park, Palic It occupies an area of 713 hectares with a safety zone of 869 ha. It includes a protected cultural and historical heritage of the whole space Palic, that the urban physical structures and contributes to natural resource values ​​protected. The basis of the protected object does Palic lake. Apart from indigenous natural resources, in the nature park are preserved park areas with various decorative and ornamental dendroflora one and perennial species, which enrich the natural resource. Decision of Subotica was established three-level security mode. The strictest regimes, and the degree of protection, where no exploitation or use covers 88.5 hectares (12.41%). Mode II level with a limited use, covers 78.1 hectares (10.95%). The regime of controlled use, level III care, surgery 546.4 ha (76.64%) the total area of ​​"Palic".

Park Palić

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Površina zemljišta 7130000
Površina objekata 0
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